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The Custom Watch Build of your Dreams Begins Below.

Watchdog Supply Co. has partnered with Namoki Mods to provide efficient build-by-order services based in the United States. Our goal is to create an easy, streamlined and beginner-friendly means of having your own custom watch hand-built from scratch with the part options available in our catalog. We offer custom watch parts, professional assembling services, artisan-crafted genuine leather watch straps, and individual service options for anyone looking to have their beloved timepiece modified. We look forward to serving you. Thank you!

The SKX007 Watch Series.

One of the most recognizable designs in the world of horology comes with the widest variety of customization options at your disposal. Our take on the iconic SKX007 case measures approximately 42.5mm in diameter, or 45.5mm wide including the crown, true to the original. The case's lug-to-lug length is a moderate 46.0mm, allowing this watch to perfectly accommodate wrists of all sizes. These versatile dimensions paired with the refined polishing and circular brushed finish applied to the case are sure to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of any passionate watch enthusiast.

Your Custom SKX007 Watch Build

The SRP777 "Turtle" Watch Series.

Reimagined from the legendary Seiko 6309, our SRP777 "Turtle" case series provided by Namoki Mods punches far above its weight class in terms of design and execution. The 200m water-resistant stainless steel case measures approximately 44.3mm wide, not including the crown. The case has a lug-to-lug measurement of 47.0mm, a height of 13.0mm, and a lug width of 22mm. While these measurements may depict this case as somewhat large, once assembled, the finished "Turtle" build never fails to impress with its sleek, compact design.

Your Custom SRP777 Watch Build

The SKX013 Watch Series.

The recent SKX013 has earned an unofficial alias as the “little brother” of the SKX007, having minimized its iconic case design to a diameter of 38.0mm and a lug-to-lug of only 43.0mm, while still retaining the tasteful aesthetic and detailed finishing originally held by the SKX007. This case is mostly welcomed by the smaller-wristed fans of horology, but its classic design can be appreciated by anyone - any size or gender.

Your Custom SKX013 Watch Build
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