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Picture this: you have spent the past few years of your life diligently working hundreds to thousands of hours training for, designing, and developing your online business. You are scrolling through a popular freelance hiring website, where you see the title “$600 to $1,200 for professional-grade website design done in 72 hours”. This freelancer and his small team offer 1-to-1 copies of any website you can find and will reorganize and customize the site to fit the unique needs of your business.

The Watchdog Supply Co. website has been live for two years now. Through these past two years, I have worked entirely by myself to expand the site following my vision. Most of the money I have earned in this time, from work, business, or other endeavors, has gone directly back into this business in one form or another. 

If I were to calculate how much I have earned on an hourly basis, and I were to consider the money I have invested into my business in that calculation, I believe that at this moment, my hourly wage would be negative per hour I have spent working.

I do not feel bad for myself for this situation, and I do not regret building this site entirely by myself. I have learned an incredible number of valuable skills by doing this – however, at this moment, I have orders piling up on top of daily inquiries from new clients. I also have demands from the business college I am attending, of which I have neglected so that I may dedicate more time and labor to my business.

My website isn’t even complete, yet more orders and new clientele are arriving every day. I have less and less time as these demands come. At this point, if I were to have had my site completed, I believe I would have significantly higher revenues. Even if it costs me to hire someone to finish the data entry on my site, it would pay for itself soon after. It’s time to expand.

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