New Horizons in Entrepreneurship

Posted by Cooper Davis on

This week has been awesome - I'm making so much progress with my work. I have yet to hire a programmer or data entry specialist for my website, but this week, I did hire a friend who is very skilled in photography to document the watches I will be selling soon.

All the parts I needed came in, minus a misplaced watch case and crystal by my supplier, and I've been making several watches each day. I am not yet running advertisements, and my business is not currently active on any form of social media. My photographer friend is going to handle all the pictures for my social media - this has really helped me move forward with my work, as my own perfectionism limits my ability to get work done. However, this man is a trained professional - according to my perfectionist mind, anything he creates must be gold, as he has more training and experience than I do.

I'll be typing up several days worth of social media posts to accompany the pictures documenting my work, and I am going to use an application known as Later to schedule these posts for every main social media outlet - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, with the most attention generating hashtags that are relevant to my niche. I feel so powerful having someone working for me. I don't say this in the sense of having control over another person, rather that my dreams can be achieved faster and more efficiently than I possibly could alone. I'm excited to see what I can create with the resources I have available - such is the beauty of pursuing entrepreneurship as a career.

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