A Watchmaker’s Solution to Perfectionism.

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I have not surpassed my perfectionist struggle in the aspects of my life outside of watchmaking. There are many necessary aspects of my business that are suffering because of my perfectionist desires: my inactivity on social media and nonexistent paid advertising campaign are products of this, easily rationalized with “I’ll run advertisements and market when my product and website is perfectly polished, that would be the most efficient use of my time, energy and capital”. This statement is not true.

I have managed to produce “perfect” watches – they are not truly perfect, rather, they are effortfully perfected to a realistic standard. What exactly do I mean by this? The answer – my work for this build has been done to the absolute fullest of my ability, following strict guidelines, utilizing the best tools I have available. Actual perfection in watchmaking would come from the high-tech machines present in the production buildings of luxury Swiss watch empires, each costing $25,000 at minimum, priced all the way up to $100,000 each, some even more. There are machines capable of doing a better job than I am capable of – however, my obsessive nature in watchmaking and repair has led me to realize my personal standards for “perfection”.

I continue working until I am unable to recognize flaws, from my own perception. I do not utilize ultra-magnifying tools to view my work – several rather basic magnifiers are what I use. There is a threshold by which I am limited by when using these – there are flaws that are imperceivable from my end when I am using these tools. Utilizing the resources available to me, I am able to finish my work with peace of mind – I have done everything I can do, and I have exploited every opportunity available to me.

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