Accountability as an Entrepreneur

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When one chooses entrepreneurship over any other career, they are making the conscious decision to walk a path of risk and uncertainty over one of guaranteed income and job security. For the career path I've chosen, I will never have a specific time to clock-in and to clock-out; my work never ends, and there are always more problems readily available for me to solve. In fact, there is an overwhelming amount of problems present in my business of which I've desperately needed to identify and correct for far too long. After thoughtfully documenting all known and potential problems present in my website, and thus my business, I've allowed myself to become overwhelmed, and haven't been performing at my peak ability. There are external circumstances at hand of which I've allowed myself to be distracted by: education, emergencies, and health - but these circumstances don't discount from the fact that my website is live twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If my clients and potential customers have consistent access to my services and are always able to shop, then I believe they are rightfully entitled to communication with me when they present an inquiry. Large corporations are able to get away with responding to e-mails within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, so why shouldn't I be able to procrastinate responding to a customer's inquiry for a similar amount of time?

I shouldn't emulate this behavior because it is poor business practice. Any career in life comes with some degree of competition, but choosing an independent entrepreneurial pursuit immediately situates you in the purest form of a competitive environment. Anyone that accesses my website inherently demonstrates that they are able to access any other part of the publicly accessible Internet, where countless competitors seeking to build businesses like my own are anxious to provide similar products and services. Should potential clients choose my business over any other business when I'm allowing myself to be distracted from serving them? By having my products and services available on my website, under my name, proudly presented to the public every hour of every day, I am making a promise to my clients and customers that I will provide to them the best service I am capable of. I have made a promise to the world, and my ability to fulfill those obligations is entirely what will enable my business to reach it's full potential.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship. There are few certainties in life, but I whole-heartedly believe that prioritizing my customers is what will allow me to sustainably continue down this path. Individual accountability as an entrepreneur is what builds trust and confidence in a business. Prioritizing this accountability over all else is the necessary foundation for any successful business. Through actively serving my customers the moment I am able to, I am proving to them my dedication to this career, I am earning their trust, and I am building mutually-beneficial relationships of which have the potential to last a lifetime. I'm honored by anyone who values my products and services; I'm now prioritizing the people that have allowed me to pursue my dreams of starting a business over any distraction present in my life. I'll be diligently squishing the bugs out of my website this evening, and I'm humbly anticipating serving you, my cherished customers and potential clientele.

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