An Entrepreneur’s Solution to Perfectionism

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Based on the previously published blog posts over perfectionism in watchmaking, I will deconstruct those functional solutions and reapply from a perspective of business and entrepreneurship. Reflecting upon those precious guidelines that help me create “perfect” watches, I will attempt to repurpose them for the advancement of my business:

  • Find the most credible source of information available. Notate and emulate the actions and behaviors of those most successful in your current pursuit.
    • [Ex. Social media marketing – follow the example of other successful businesses in your industry. Read a modern book on the subject. Consult a teacher or a friend who has a background or degree in marketing for your advice. They know more than you – they are available – they are specialized. Their guidance, relative to your currently knowledge, is the best resource available to you – therefore, it is “perfect”.]
  • You have designated this business as your career. You are able to work at any time, at most any place. Do not work yourself to death – you have overworked yourself many times. Working until burnout or exhaustion is real, and inevitably does more harm than help in the long run.
    • You have a concept of time regarding business activities – plan each day, continue until your realistic goals are accomplished. You should be able to look at your to-do list for the day and say “These goals are both realistic AND will leave me satisfied upon their completion”. You have written standards that are achievable.
    • This is a sprint, not a marathon. You should be satisfied at the end of the day. Not physically and mentally exhausted. It takes time to create and develop a profitable business.
  • You are satisfied with your work in watchmaking because you are utilizing the best tools available to you. Following this logic – you should be satisfied in your work in business because you have capitalized upon every opportunity you have recognized as an entrepreneur.

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