An Entrepreneur’s Struggle with Perfectionism.

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Because I have received the most in-depth training I could find and have purchased highest-quality tools I can possibly afford, I am satisfied when I am building or repairing a watch. I have capitalized upon every opportunity available to finish this job – my work is, by my obsessive standard, “perfect” at that point. How can this solution to perfectionism be applied from an entrepreneurial perspective? I will only be satisfied if I know I have capitalized on the absolute maximum opportunity that was available to me at the moment. [Short of indebting myself for my business, but trust me, I’ve tried.]

In my watchmaking…

  • I have an established guide to follow in my work, of which originated from the best sources I could find. [Career watchmakers have trained me – I trust their professional knowledge and experience over my own intuition.]
  • My best effort has been expunged – I am satisfied at the end of my workday.
  • I have used every tool in my watchmaker’s arsenal that is available to my disposal.

Following these standards, I am satisfied after completing watch builds and repairs. My perfectionism does not invade my peace of mind – I am confident that the best I could possibly do that day has been done. I believe if I apply the same concept to school, business, and all other aspects of my life where my desire for perfection has hindered me – I will overcome this dissatisfaction and be able to fluently operate in my work, education, personal life, and entrepreneurial pursuits. In my next entry, I will take these concepts and use them as a guide to follow for my work in school and business. Through further reflection, I may hopefully find an effective solution to advancing my business.

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