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As a business student, I am provided with a unique opportunity - I have the option to make every course I participate in relevant to my business in one form or another. This semester, I am enrolled in an entrepreneurship course that requests we keep a journal of our entrepreneurial pursuits. The most effective use of time and energy for myself as an entrepreneur would be to have my journal contribute to my company website's search engine optimization via blog post.

My name is Cooper Davis, at the moment I'm sharing this, I'm a 22 year old business student attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. I've had an enthusiasm for watches for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I spent many weekday evenings and weekends with the watchmaker at the jewelry store down the block from my childhood home. The store is an authorized distributor of Seiko watches, and Seiko timepieces constituted the majority of the repairs, battery changes, and services of which I witnessed and would eventually have the opportunity to participate in completing. I've been trained by several generous watchmakers across the country; I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to create a career for myself in this field.

I'd like to share my perspective as to what defines a quality entrepreneur - please consider this a journal entry tied to the date and time this was published, as my perspective is subject to change.

  • Capitalization of Most Available Opportunity.

I'd like to especially emphasize "most" in this statement. A businessman with an understanding of the inherent flaws of human nature has the opportunity to capitalize on them - this is wrong. This mentality is pure opportunism - an amoral philosophy. I've worked many jobs in sales positions, and share without shame that I deeply struggled in every one of them. I was unable to push products onto people if I didn't hold a genuine belief in that product. If I believe a potential customer wouldn't be satisfied by the quality of a product, I cannot lie to them. I am only able to effectively sell a product if I wholeheartedly believe that product provides value. I will only ever go forth with a business transaction if I believe it is genuinely beneficial to both parties involved.

  • A Perspective that Understands Reality, Nature, and Capitalism.

Nature, life, and markets all house incredibly competitive environments. The entrepreneur recognizes this fact, and must consequently decide to capitalize on a specific niche or market where they believe they will excel. To capitalize on a market in an entrepreneurial fashion is to contribute higher value to that market through innovation. Entrepreneurship isn't about exploiting loopholes in systems for capital gain - it's about refining existing systems into new and improved forms that are more effective than they were previously.

  • Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Passion.

As of April 2021, there are 7.9 billion people alive on the Earth. Of those 7.9 billion people, 4.66 billion are active Internet users - almost 59% of the global population. Our world is incredibly connected, more so than it ever has been. The odds that someone, somewhere, is actively innovating in your same niche market are high. Why would I attempt to innovate if someone, somewhere, with more opportunity and resources than myself may already be one step ahead? I would do so regardless because it's the only thing I genuinely want to do in life. I have a passion for watchmaking, art, design, and business. I love people, and nothing brings me more joy than to know another person has been satisfied or inspired by one of my creations. There may be significant capital risk in entrepreneurship, but the opportunity to positively influence others through my work is priceless to me.

My ultimate goal for this website is to create a streamlined system where my clients can customize the watch of their dreams with ease, and have the timepiece they've designed built and delivered to them in a timely manner. This week, I've reached out to several watch part manufacturers and distributors with the intention of constructing an organized catalog with a wide variety of compatible watch components. I'm in the process of coordinating this product information into a coherent order form which may be easily utilized by anyone interested in designing a custom watch build of their own.


To anyone who has read this far, thank you. Your support means the world to me, and I'm looking forward to exceeding your expectations through my services.


Cooper Davis

Watchdog Supply Co.

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