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I hope to overcome my perfectionism and succeed in every dimension of my life that I would like to. At the moment, I believe my previous post, “An Entrepreneur’s Solution to Perfectionism”, is a solid foundation to build from. Now, it is time to distinguish what in my business requires attention. I need to research, write, and reflect upon the aspects of my business that require the most work and expansion.

  • Optimal SEO on the Website [Blog posts and product descriptions especially.]
  • Website Landing Page Design [Optimal attention-grabbing, promoting conversion.]
  • Professional Website Layout & Navigation
  • Additional Tools for Conversion [Ex. may be found from popular Shopify stores.]
  • Social Media Marketing [Optimal tags, descriptions, and content to improve website traffic.]
  • Streamlined Shipping and Customs Form Completion per Order
  • Branding [Making your brand preferential over others – where is your value?]

Through dedicated research, reflection, and experimentation, I will overcome my perfectionist struggle in these entrepreneurial pursuits. I will make my perception of “perfection” attainable through rational means, and with much effort and dedication, I will attain that standard someday very soon. No business is perfect, and no entrepreneur has a perfect start. Growth occurs when we choose to boldly leap from our comfort zones, utilizing our available resources, and with them, taking calculated risks. There is no solution that may be effectively calculated when your standards are unrealistic – without professional guidance, thorough research, acknowledgement of the limited resources available to you, and a realistic timeline, you are pursuing an unattainable goal. I am joyous at the thought of returning to the drawing board again, and now that I have established realistic parameters – I am indescribably excited to discover what I am capable of accomplishing.

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