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The Watchdog Supply Co. website, in it's current state, is incredibly accommodating to those who already have a broad knowledge of watch modification and are familiar with the popular Seiko models centric to this niche. Unfortunately, to anyone unfamiliar with the above, the site is a confusing and impractical mess with little direction. This is going to change over the next week.

First and foremost, the promised staple feature of the website will be introduced - the ability for customers to browse all compatible watch parts in an easily-navigable page to design and commission their own custom watch build for us to fulfill. The most time and resource efficient decision would be to implement the simplest features first so that I have revenue to work with as I develop the more complex parts of the site. This implementation takes time, and the more capital that is flowing through the business during the development of this project, the better the final outcome will be.

As I've developed my website and grown my small business over the past few years, I've become significantly more aware of my physical limitations. There are few entrepreneurs who have access to a plethora of resources when they begin their journey. The vast majority of young entrepreneurs do not have parents capable of issuing a "small loan of one million dollars" to lay the foundation for our careers. With little credit history and full dependence on my business' highly variable income each month, most banks and creditors are rather hesitant to issue a loan of significant value. All I have had to work with since the start of my business were the resources available at hand - and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

Your identity as an entrepreneur doesn't come from dreaming up a million-dollar idea overnight, followed by a swift and flawless execution without limitation. The most influential lessons ready for you to learn in entrepreneurship don't originate from perfected plans - these valuable lessons are forcefully taught when you hit bumps in the road and must use the resources you have readily available. Your full creative potential is only actualized when you're in a position that demands slightly more than what you originally planned for; this is a unique perspective held only by those who risk their time and assets by choosing to build a business as their career. I thank entrepreneurship for the strong sense identity I've developed. I am someone who maximizes the utility of his available resources and capitalizes fully on every opportunity he recognizes or chooses to create.

I'm looking forward to optimizing my website and accumulating orders this week, capitalizing on the opportunities that I have been presented, and striving to create those opportunities myself. To anyone reading this, thank you so much for your time and energy. Should you decide to order parts or commission a build through my website, please know that I am endlessly thankful for the opportunity you're providing me. Your patronage is what allows me to live a life that I love.

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