SKX Caseback for SKX007 SKX010

Namoki Mods

SKX Titanium Caseback: Sandblasted Finish


We received a ton of requests for a matching Titanium caseback after the launch of our NMK910 SKX007 Titanium case bundle, so here it is!

At only 8g, it's 60% lighter than our standard SKX Caseback (8g vs 15g). It's so light you might forget you even have your watch on your wrist!

Caseback Specifications:
Thickness: 1.5mm
Water Resistance: 200m

Compatible with NMK910 SKX007 Titanium Case Bundle, SKX007/009, SKX013, and all the SKX-style cases that we sell on our website.

Fits Seiko NH movements (like the ones that we sell) with a Grey Spacer only.

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