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Samurai Watch Bracelet: Hexad Brushed Finish

Namoki Mods

SKX007 Samurai Bracelet: Hexad, Brushed Steel Finish


Finish off your dream build with this solid Hexad bracelet designed to fit the original Seiko Samurai and our NMK906 "Samurai" Case series.

This Samurai bracelet comes with brand new springbars included.


- 316L Stainless Steel Construction
- Curved Solid End Links
- Double Lock Diver's Clasp with Push Button
- Milled Clasp
- Screw Fixed Link with 3 Micro Holes Adjustment
- Tapers down from 22mm to 18mm

Compatible with original Seiko SRPB51, SRPB09, SRPB53, etc. and our Samurai NMK906 Watch Case.

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